2011 Helsinki Poetics Conference: Transmission

August 27–28

The House of Science and Letters (Tieteiden talo)
Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki

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The theme for the seventh annual Helsinki Poetics Conference in 2011 is Transmission. With this theme we want to investigate the migration, translation, exile, expatriation, exportation and importation of literature(s) and authors across time and space, from the center to the periphery and back again, from one nation and language to another and from one generation to another, both globally and locally. How does literature travel across these temporal, linguistic, geographical and cultural borders? Is there such a thing as a local, national poetics in a time defined by the erosion of nation-states and the birth of a post-national, global identity? What is the place of poetics in the real political debates in which nations and individuals are constantly facing in the form of immigration, refugees, exiles, freedom of speech and prisoners of conscience?

See also our CFP for 2011 Conference: Transmission


The international keynote speakers are professor Anna Aguilar-Amat (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain), professor Michael Cronin (Dublin City University, Ireland) and the poet and translator Brandon Brown (USA). The Finnish keynotes are Anna-Riikka Carlson (Avain Publishing), author Antti Nylén and the chairman of PEN Finland Jarkko Tontti.

In addition to Keynote lectures, the conference hosts a number of international presentation sessions delivered by academic scholars in the fields of literary, cultural and translation studies.

Michael CroninMichael Cronin is one of the most renowned and interesting contemporary thinkers in the field of translation studies. Cronin works as a professor at The Center for Translation and Textual Studies, Dublin City University, and he is a member of The Royal Irish Academy since 2006. He has published a wide range of scholarly studies dealing with translation history, Irish literature, travel literature, globalization and identity. Parallel to his academic career he has also written essays and prose in both Irish and English.

Brandon BrownBrandon Brown is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and has been living in San Francisco since 1998. A poet and a translator, his works on translating ancient literature – among them The Persians by Aeschylos and The Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus – have raised a lively discussion within the poetic circles in the States. He is also an author of several chapbooks and a featured blogger at Open Space, the blog of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Anna Aguilar-AmatAnna Aguilar-Amat is a professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she teaches at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. She is a mainstay of Catalan poetry and has written several award-winning poetry collections. Her work has been included in several anthologies of Catalan poetry and has been translated into nine different languges.  Since 2003 Aguilar-Amat has been acting as president of QUARKpoesia, a non-profit group  whose main purpose is the promotion of lesser-known poets and writers in less translated languages, as well as the exchange of ideas and poetic works. In 2006 she founded the poetry publisher Refraccions similarly dedicated to publishing bi- and trilingual poetry books.



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Saturday, August 27th

10:00 Doors open
10:15 Opening the conference
Head of Program Committee Arno von Pfaler
EN/FI room 505
10:30 Keynote 1
Professor Michael Cronin
Dublin City University
EN room 505
11:30 Keynote 2
Anna-Riikka Carlson
publishing manager, BTJ Avain
FI room 505
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Sessions
Session 1
Translation Master Class
Brandon Brown (pre-registration)
EN room 505
Session 2

  • Chair: Arno von Pfaler
  • Shyh-Jen Fuh (National Tsing Hua U)
    Articulating Filipino: Cultural identity and Belonging in Jessica Hagedorn’s Cosmopolitan Poetry
  • Chapman Chen (U Eastern Finland)
    Venuti and Hong Kong Theatrical Translation
  • Patricia Rojo-Lemos (U Alfonso X el Sabio)
    G.A.Goldschmidt: reader, translator and writer

EN room 313
Session 3

  • Chair: Kimmo Kallio (Dublin City U)
  • Sanna Turoma (U Helsinki)
    Brodsky Abroad: Empire, Tourism, Nostalgia
  • Iain Twiddy (Hokkaido U)
    Snark Hunting in Paul Muldoon’s ‘Horse Latitudes’
  • Farid Parvaneh (Islamic Azad U)
    Bunting and Phonemic Structures in Poetry
  • Ben Hickman (U Kent)
    The New American Poetry in Britain

EN room 401
Session 4

  • Rita Dahl
    Takuuvarma turvapaikka
  • Jouni Tossavainen
    Vain sivullinen kuulee, kuinka metsä puhuu
  • Tarja Roinila
    Kääntäminen ja kirjain
  • Virpi Alanen
    Arvotonta koneistoa (runo)

FI room 208
15:30 Keynote 3
Antti Nylén
translator and author
FI room 505
16:30 Refreshment break
17:00 Saturday open discussion EN room 505
17:45 Closing day one EN/FI room 505
18:00 Doors close

Conference evening program

20:00 POETRY MASH! Club
Mascot Bar&Lounge, Neljäs linja 2, Helsinki


Sunday, August 28th

10:00 Doors open
10:15 Sunday programme presented
practical questions, Q&A
EN/FI room 505
10:30 Keynote 4
Brandon Brown
poet and translator, USA
EN room 505
11:30 Keynote 5
Professor Anna Aguilar-Amat
Universitat Autònoma Barcelona
EN room 505
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Sessions
Session 5
Case: Osip Mandelstamin esseiden kääntämisestä
pj. Teemu Manninen
Paneeli: Jouni Inkala, Jukka Mallinen, Leevi Lehto
FI room 505
Session 6
Case: QUARKpoesia
Anna Aguilar-Amat
Chair: Arno von Pfaler
EN room 313
Session 7

  • Chair: Kimmo Kallio (Dublin City U)
  • Diana Woodcock (VCU Qatar)
    Poetry of Witness: Becoming a Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves
  • Preetika Venkatakrishnan (U Madras)
    Hope from a Forgotten Land – The Poetry of Robin S Ngangom
  • Bernard Micallef (U Malta)
    Cultural Migrations of a Mythologized Sea
  • Lily Robert-Foley (U Paris VIII)
    Translatable and Untranslatable in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy ; A comparative reading of Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable/Molloy, Malone Meurt, L’innommable.

EN room 401
Session 8
Runotunti 14:00-15:00
Esiintyjinä Maija Muinonen, Henriikka Tavi & Mikael Brygger, runoduo Miia & Marko sekä Janne Nummela. Juontajana toimii Miia Toivio.
Aiheina ensyklopedinen perinne, sivistys, valistus, nykypäivä ja kaunokirjallisuus. Keskustelijoina toimittaja-kirjailija Minna Lindgren sekä runoilija-ensyklopedisti Janne Nummela. Puhetta johtaa Hanna Kuusela.
FI room 208
15:45 Keynote 6
Jarkko Tontti
poet and author, President of PEN Finland
FI room 505
16:45 Refreshment break
17:00 Sunday open discussion EN room 505
17:45 Closing of the conference EN/FI room 505
18:00 Doors close


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